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I-40 over Crutcho Creek, 15th Street, and Sooner Road

I-40 over Crutcho Creek
Del City, Oklahoma

Manhattan Road and Bridge reconstructed and widened 1.5 miles of I-40 to 6 lanes. The corresponding interchanges were reconfigured for safety. The project included six bridges, 12 MSE walls, four cast-in-place concrete retaining walls, 100,000 CY of earthwork, 40,000 CY of concrete pavement, and 20,000 LF of storm sewer installation. This project was named a top ten road project in the US by “Road and Bridge Magazine.”

Road and Bridge Construction Services:

  • Bridge construction
  • Pile driving
  • Drilled shaft construction
  • Temporary sheet pile walls
  • MSE walls
  • Cast-in-place retaining walls
  • Earthwork
  • Concrete pavement
  • Storm sewer construction