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I-630 Widening

Little Rock, Arkansas

The I-630 Widening project includes partial reconstruction of an existing interstate highway leading to downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. The project was bid and awarded in April 2018 by the Arkansas Department of Transportation to Manhattan Road & Bridge Company. The $90,950,000 contract included the removal of 5 bridges and replacement of 6 bridges (with one being a pedestrian bridge), over 200,000 cubic yards of embankment and excavation, 43,536 tons of asphalt, 88,000 square yards of concrete paving, 21,849 linear feet of concrete barrier walls, 1,099,000 pounds of reinforcing steel, and over 3,330,000 pounds of structural steel. The project had approximately 130,000 travelers per day and restricted hours of activities and lane closures.

A project that encumbered this amount of area, traffic volume, and design constraints required a dedicated team to finish the project in record time, with an early substantial completion on March 12, 2020.