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Video: Oklahoma Capitol Restoration proposed master plan and long-range vision


A beacon of progress and development for the next century.

The Oklahoma Capitol building was designed and constructed a century ago. Our Manhattan Construction and Frankfurt-Short-Bruza team has been working on a collaborative effort with the State of Oklahoma to develop the Capitol’s first-ever master plan and long-range vision. The proposal addresses the State Capitol Repairs Expenditure Oversight Committee’s (SCREOC’s) goals and criteria, and provides solutions to the requirements requested by the Office of Management & Enterprise Services (OMES). The proposal addresses the highest priorities of repairing vital infrastructure and utilities, and establishes a master plan and long-range vision for continued improvements to what Dr. Bob Blackburn, deputy executive director of the Oklahoma Historical Society, refers to as “Artifact Number One.” Our team is excited to share the proposed vision in this video animation, which was presented to the Oklahoma legislature today.