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A Culture of Safety – Safety Orientation

Ensuring a safe job site is a top priority at Manhattan, and the Safety Orientation plays a vital role in achieving this goal. Our strong commitment to safety stems from our family culture. Our ultimate objective is to instill a shared sense of safety among all tradespeople who work on our sites daily, with the aim of eliminating all incidents and injuries.

We firmly believe that safety should not be viewed as a mere set of rules, but a culture that permeates every aspect of our business. Our vision is to create a work environment that fosters genuine care and concern for the well-being of our workforce, where individuals take responsibility for their own safety and that of their colleagues. Our approach is driven by choice rather than formal compliance, emphasizing the importance of ingraining safety into our company culture. We strive to maintain the safest job sites in the industry by building safety awareness into every part of our business.

Our Safety Orientation is also available in Spanish so that everyone can understand the importance of safety. We believe that safety is a universal language and that everyone should have access to the information they need to work safely.

Our Manhattan family and all tradespeople who work on our sites daily are part of our vision to have:

  • A shared value for safety.
  • A shared commitment to safety at all levels throughout the company.
  • A belief that it is possible to eliminate all incidents and injuries.
  • An environment of authentic care and concern for the workforce.
  • An environment where individuals take direct responsibility for their safety and the safety of their co-workers.
  • An environment where safety actions are driven by choice and not just from formal compliance of rules.

Manhattan Construction Safety Orientation (English)

Orientación de Seguridad en la Manhattan (Español)