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Naples Botanical Garden Phase II

Naples, Florida

The Naples Botanical Garden Phase II project includes a water lily pond and 5 unique world class gardens including the Asian Garden, Caribbean Garden, Children’s Garden, Brazilian Garden and Florida Garden. The project setting includes 160 acres of which 60 acres were developed. The undeveloped portions of the site are wetland and upland habitats and will be placed into conservation easements. The project is a balance between exotic and indigenous landscapes. Site landscaping and civil work for the project is designed to suggest a native Florida landscape. The project has been named “Gardens with Attitude”. Meaning it gives the community a flavor of plant species that are located between 26 degree north and south for areas such as Brazil, Caribbean and Asia. This project also provides children the ability to see how the environment operates around us. Specifically, the Children’s Garden which was built to children’s scale. This garden is a full interactive garden where children can splash and play in water, observe and learn about butterflies, climb a rope bridge to a treehouse and climb up in fire tower to view a sea of saw grass.