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Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Student Housing

Fort Worth, Texas

The 250,560-square-foot Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Student Housing complex serves as home to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary students. The phased project provides 216 new two-bedroom units and 36 new three-bedroom units for a total of 252 units and 540 beds. The first phase is constructed on a greenfield site and includes 112 units and 240 beds. When the Phase 1 units were completed they were occupied by students living in 19 preexisting student housing facilities, which were demolished to make way for the Phase two housing. The second phase included 140 units, 300 beds and a 2.9 acre park complete with pavilion, athletic courts, walking trail, and playground. The six 28-unit buildings and six 14-unit buildings are three stories each and are laid out to provide open courtyards spaces to facilitate community gathering.