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Cascia Hall Preparatory School Performing Arts Center

Cascia Hall Performing Arts Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma

The new Cascia Performing Arts Center includes a 700-seat, 24,000 square foot bi-level auditorium and 10,000 square feet of new classroom space. The new structure was built adjacent to the basketball and football facilities, therefore old locker rooms and dressing areas were demolished to make room for the building. The complex is outfitted with new men’s and ladies locker rooms and connects to the existing Upper School Gym. The exterior relates well to the French Norman style of the rest of the buildings on campus. Clinker style brick, one of the most notable characteristics of Cascia Hall’s architectural elements, forms the facade of the new auditorium and 30 feet high bronze colored windows line the lobby area and entryway. There is a grand plaza entrance with the St. Rita of Cascia statue as the welcoming centerpiece.